Lorna Giézot


work in progress 2013

Outcome 2

Liminal 2013

latex paint, paper, fabric, masking tape 55x55cmLiminal 2013 webLiminal 2013 DX web

There, there 2013

Gold-plated lead alloy cast in box, dimensions variable

Game 2010

Digitally printed aluminium panels, acrylic, wood 75x75cm

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor, Rich, Poor, Beggar, Thief 2012

Cotton baby-gros with nylon labels, dimensions variable.tinker_0tailor_0soldier_0sailor_0rich_0poor_0beggarthief

Vessel 2008

Porcelain, dimensions variable

book/object 2000

Knowing what to say but not being sure how to say it 2009

poem 2 Poem another poem

Before during after 2001

Stake (detail) 2001

Shells 1999-2004

Stir 2009